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Optometrist or ophthalmologist, who are they ... (part 1)
An ophthalmologist is a doctor who is involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. There are other names for this medical specialty - optometrist, from the word…

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Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) (part2)
Goals and objectives of the Israeli Medical Tourism Association The objectives of IMTA are: Providing patients who come for treatment to Israel from abroad with complete and reliable information about…

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Early hearing screening as part of prevention of speech impairment (part 2)
This is the so-called Principle 1-3-6, according to which: Auditory screening is carried out for all children, optimally until they are discharged from the hospital, maximum - until they reach…

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Fake personal medical book (part 1)

Attention fake !!!
A personal medical book is a document of strict accountability, the presence of which officially confirms the ability of its owner to work in a particular professional field.

From year to year, scammers come up with new and original ways to get money from gullible citizens. However, there are always “proven” schemes that will never become obsolete and will always generate income from scratch. Very often, such schemes fall on people who are looking for work or housing. Continue reading

Personal medical book (part 2)

If an organization deals with a licensed and accredited healthcare institution when issuing medical books for its employees, all costs associated with paying for medical examinations of employees, as well as hygienic training and certification with the issuance of personal medical books, can be attributed to the expenses of the organization.

If there is no license and / or accreditation, then such expenses at the first fiscal check will be attributed to profit with all the ensuing consequences (penalties for non-payment of taxes, penalties, etc.). Continue reading

Personal medical book (part 3)

In accordance with Article 55 of the Law No. 52-FZ for violation of sanitary legislation, disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability is established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Administrative responsibility for violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules is established by Chapter 6 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses (hereinafter – the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). Continue reading

Personal medical book (part 1)

What is a personal medical book and why is it needed?
Personal Medical Book (LMK) is an official document of strict reporting, which should be available to everyone who, by the nature of their activity, has to work in the following areas of activity:
production, storage, transportation and sale of food and drinking water;
sale of industrial goods; Continue reading

Diagnosis of cervical cancer

Liquid cytology allows you to assess the presence of viruses (HPV, herpes and other bacteria) in the smear, the severity of the inflammatory reaction, to assess the presence of clinically significant microorganisms.


The collection of material for liquid cytology is taken from every woman over 21 years of age at least 1 time per year, as well as: Continue reading

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Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) (part1)
Medical tourism and the need for its regulation Israeli Medical Tourism AssociationMedical tourism is not so much a popular tourism destination as medicine, which allows foreign patients to choose the…


Treatment in France - best practices and reasonable prices (part 1)
French medicine French medicine Many people choose the treatment abroad. The prospect of receiving a decent level of service and comfortable treatment conditions from highly qualified specialists attracts many people…


Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 1)
Medical tourism in Belarus is becoming more popular with foreign patients every year. The medicine of this country attracts with affordable prices, highly qualified medical care, effective rehabilitation programs, and…


5 rules for refunding treatment in Russia. Is it possible to compensate money for treatment abroad? (part 3)
How to get a tax deduction for treatment Obtaining a tax deduction for treatment or the purchase of medicines consists of the following steps: Filling in the tax return 3-NDFL.…