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Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) (part3)
Law on the protection of the rights of patients and the rights of foreign patients The Israeli Medical Tourism Association is based in its activities on the Patient Rights Protection…

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Treatment in Switzerland - quality and effectiveness (part 3)
Leading clinics in Switzerland Swiss clinics are modern medical institutions with high-quality service, the latest medical equipment and a team of highly qualified doctors. Swiss clinics are distinguished by high…

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Phosphorus is the creator of all living things
For a long time, some pundits believed that the basis of life on earth was protein, while others called nucleic acid the “progenitor” of all living things. Not so long…

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Treatment in France – best practices and reasonable prices (part 2)

Treatment in France
Treatment in France is carried out in accordance with all international standards. Doctors provide services in the field of cardiology, oncology, gynecology, cardiac surgery and other areas.

In the clinics of France you are offered a full range of services: preliminary medical examination, treatment, rehabilitation and further monitoring of the patient according to a specially drawn up individual program. Continue reading

Treatment in France – best practices and reasonable prices (part 1)

French medicine
French medicine Many people choose the treatment abroad. The prospect of receiving a decent level of service and comfortable treatment conditions from highly qualified specialists attracts many people from all over the world. France is also a popular destination. The treatment received by patients here is in no way inferior to the same services provided to patients in clinics of Israel or Germany. Continue reading

Leading clinics in South Korea. Cost of treatment and patient reviews (part 4)

Clinic Severance
One of the very first clinics in South Korea. The center has existed since 1885. During this time, the center’s doctors were able to significantly improve the treatment of various diseases. With more than 120 years of experience, the specialists of the center solve any medical problems of their patients.

The center is proud to have made a great contribution to improving the health of the Korean people. In addition, it seeks to modernize equipment by improving it, rather than buying new equipment. Continue reading

Leading clinics in South Korea. Cost of treatment and patient reviews (part 3)

Diagnosis and treatment in clinics in Korea
In all Korean clinics, various types of diagnostic Check-Up programs are provided for foreign patients, thanks to which it is possible to obtain information on the status of all internal organs and patient systems in a few days.

Basic treatment is carried out in the following areas:

obstetrics and gynecology; Continue reading

Leading clinics in South Korea. Cost of treatment and patient reviews (part 2)

Features of Korean medicine that you need to know about
The country has created one of the best healthcare systems in the world. An eighteen-member commission, which works at the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, administers medicine in the country. This organization works with all other government agencies to ensure compliance with health standards. In addition, the government has a policy to ensure that both public and private hospitals update their medical equipment. Continue reading

Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 1)
Medical tourism in Belarus is becoming more popular with foreign patients every year. The medicine of this country attracts with affordable prices, highly qualified medical care, effective rehabilitation programs, and…


Diagnosis of cervical cancer
Liquid cytology allows you to assess the presence of viruses (HPV, herpes and other bacteria) in the smear, the severity of the inflammatory reaction, to assess the presence of clinically…


Early hearing screening as part of prevention of speech impairment (part 1)
According to WHO estimates, about 466 million people worldwide experience serious hearing impairment, while another 500 million have less severe impairments, which nevertheless affect their functioning. The forecasts are disappointing,…


General practitioner
TeDostor therapist is a doctor with knowledge in all medical fields. You feel bad, but you don’t know what the reason is, you need a therapist. Often, the patient, turning…