General practitioner
TeDostor therapist is a doctor with knowledge in all medical fields. You feel bad, but you don’t know what the reason is, you need a therapist. Often, the patient, turning…

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Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 5)
Plastic surgery Belarusian plastic surgeons apply in their work all the advanced techniques that are successfully combined to obtain the best results. The cost of services and the high quality…

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Treatment in Switzerland - quality and effectiveness (part 1)
Swiss medicine As you know, Switzerland is in the top countries with the most developed medicine, and Swiss clinics have great potential in this area. Switzerland is the country with…

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Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 3)

Modern diagnostics in Belarus
Qualitatively carried out diagnostic measures are the key to successful treatment, therefore, an examination of the body is carried out according to modern and highly informative methods. Thanks to the use of the latest achievements, the examination is carried out as soon as possible, while an accurate diagnosis is made. Treatment in Belarus is planned individually for each patient based on diagnostic data.

Among the diagnostic services of Belarusian clinics, a comprehensive examination of the body Check-Up is in demand. Programs for such diagnostics are developed in accordance with the patient’s gender, his age, the need for an in-depth examination with Diagnosis and treatment in Belarus in order to identify a specific pathology.

Methods that doctors of Belarus use to get an accurate picture of diseases:

Radionuclide diagnostics. It allows to identify pathological changes at the cellular level and is included in the oncological examination program. The technique consists in introducing into the body a special substance that accumulates in cancer cells, after which its radiation is monitored.
CT scan. An effective way to identify pathologies at the stage of their origin, based on x-ray radiation.
Magnetic resonance imaging. Highly informative examination technique, which allows to obtain a tomographic image of the investigated organ or tissue. MRI is often performed during an examination of the abdominal cavity, brain.
Coronarography An accurate method for diagnosing an early stage of coronary artery disease.
Endoscopic diagnosis. A visualization technique that is used to examine abdominal organs, as well as organs of the abdominal cavity, mediastinum, pleural cavity, joints.
Thoracoscopy, laparoscopy. Techniques to explore the surface of internal organs.
In clinical laboratories, analyzes of any complexity are carried out, pathologies are detected in the early stages. Particular attention is paid to research for the early diagnosis of cancer, cytological and histological studies, tests for cancer markers.

List of leading clinics in Belarus
The country’s medical facilities are represented by the public and private sectors. The number of clinics in Belarus exceeds the domestic clinics, so patients are increasingly choosing treatment in Minsk, where the best clinics are located.

Many areas of medicine are well developed in the country, but in some doctors have achieved particular success:

Cardiology, cardiac surgery
The clinics perform complex operations on the heart and blood vessels:

transplantation of the aorta, heart;
implantation of artificial ventricles;
treatment of cardiac pathologies with advanced surgical methods.
Cardiac surgeons practice endovascular surgery, intracoronary balloon angioplasty, stenting.

Republican Scientific and Practical Center Cardiology;
Republican Scientific Practical Center for Pediatric Surgery (Association of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Republican Scientific Practical Center for Cardiology and Children’s Surgical Center of the 1st City Clinical Hospital in Minsk).

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