Treatment in France - best practices and reasonable prices (part 1)
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Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 3)
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Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 5)

Plastic surgery
Belarusian plastic surgeons apply in their work all the advanced techniques that are successfully combined to obtain the best results. The cost of services and the high quality of surgical interventions makes the plastic surgery of the country popular among medical tourists.

Clinical Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology in Minsk (is the only specialized state plastic surgery clinic in the country).Rehabilitation
Sanatorium-resort treatment in Belarus provides effective rehabilitation with an individual approach to each patient. This direction of medicine is represented by 481 medical institutions, among which is the only spellarium among the CIS countries.

In the health resorts of Belarus they undergo rehabilitation after treatment of cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal system, cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases.

Republican Clinical Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation;
Republican Speleotherapy Hospital.

The best doctors of Belarus according to patient reviews
Doctors in Belarusian clinics are specialists with a capital letter. Years of internship in countries that are considered leaders in the global medical market, Israel, USA, Germany, as well as extensive experience have allowed Belarusian doctors to reach a high European level. Patients from different countries want to be treated with them.


Sukonko Oleg Grigorievich;
Kokhniuk Victor Tikhonovich;
Stefanovich Zhanna Arkadevna;
Artemyeva Tatyana Petrovna;
Rolevich Alexander Igorevich;
Mikulich Dmitry Vasilievich.
Plastic surgery:

Serbenkov Sergey Vasilievich;
Podgaysky Vladimir Nikolaevich;
Mechkovsky Sergey Yulianovich.
Cardiology, cardiac surgery:

Borovkova Lyudmila Vasilievna;
Dergachev Alexander Vasilievich;
Kovalenko Oleg Nikolaevich;
Drozdovsky Konstantin Vikentievich (pediatric cardiac surgery).

Baranovsky Alexander Evgenievich;
Kirilenko Sergey Ivanovich.
Reviews of patients about treatment in Belarus
The best evidence of the effectiveness of the work of specialists is the feedback on the treatment in Belarus of those patients who have already used their services.

Eugene, 35 years old

Testimonials of patients about treatment in Minsk “I want to say thanks to the oncological surgeon and mammologist of the Russian Oncology and Oncology Medical Radiology Center N. N. Alexandrova Mikulich Dmitry Vasilyevich. After the birth of two children, the appearance of my chest became so unattractive that I was shy about my husband. Our relations worsened, I understood that the family could break up and decided on a plastic surgery. The result was unsurpassed. Now I am the most beautiful and happy woman! ”

Reviews about treatment in BelarusVladimir, 40 years old

“He was treated in the thoracic department of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology. N.N. Alexandrova in Minsk. To be honest, when I went to this clinic, the hope of a successful treatment was minimal, as the domestic doctors could not help me. Today I am healthy, for which I will be grateful all my life to the wonderful doctor Bambiz Ales Vasilyevna and the whole team of the thoracic department. ”

Disadvantages and advantages of treatment in Belarus
Advantages of Belarus medicine:

High-level medical services at affordable prices.
Medical training school, known throughout the world.
A large number of scientific and practical centers that work on the principle of leading Western clinics.
High level of equipment clinics.
Favorable geographical location and favorable climate.
As for the shortcomings of Belarusian medicine, they are imperceptible for a medical tourist. Except that you have to pay for medical services. But compared to other countries, the cost of treatment in Belarus will still be lower. You can compare the cost of therapy with the estimated prices for treatment in Israel on our website.

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