Phosphorus is the creator of all living things
For a long time, some pundits believed that the basis of life on earth was protein, while others called nucleic acid the “progenitor” of all living things. Not so long…

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Optometrist or ophthalmologist, who are they ... (part 2)
Ophthalmology in Russia The first information about "full-time masters" - eye doctors belong to the 17th century. In 1805, the first hospital in Russia was opened in Moscow for the…

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Early hearing screening as part of prevention of speech impairment (part 2)
This is the so-called Principle 1-3-6, according to which: Auditory screening is carried out for all children, optimally until they are discharged from the hospital, maximum - until they reach…

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Leading clinics in South Korea. Cost of treatment and patient reviews (part 3)

Diagnosis and treatment in clinics in Korea
In all Korean clinics, various types of diagnostic Check-Up programs are provided for foreign patients, thanks to which it is possible to obtain information on the status of all internal organs and patient systems in a few days.

Basic treatment is carried out in the following areas:

obstetrics and gynecology;
orthopedics and traumatology;
Specialized areas of Korean medicine:

cardiology and cardiac surgery;
oncology treatment;
organ transplantation (including from a living donor);
The cost of treatment in clinics in Korea

Samsung MC – 17000 USD;
Severance Clinic – 19000 USD;
Asan MC – 15,000 USD.
Heart stenting:

Samsung MC – 29500 USD;
Severance Clinic – 30500 USD;
MC Asan – 31500 USD.
Heart Valve Replacement:

Samsung MC – 37500 USD;
Severance Clinic – 35000 USD;
MC Asan – 36500 USD.
Hip Prosthetics:

Samsung MC – 12500 USD;
Severance Clinic – 13000 USD;
Asan MC – 14500 USD.
However, the cost of treatment may increase depending on the particular hospital and the region in which it is carried out. If we talk about the treatment of cancer in Korea, then the calculation is made on an individual basis, as it depends on the stage of cancer, the degree of spread of the tumor, the age of the patient, and other factors. It is noteworthy that the cost of cancer treatment in Israel is 20% lower than in Korea.


List of leading clinics in Korea
Samsung Medical Center
This clinic has existed since 1994. The doctors of the center always strive to introduce innovative technologies into practice, adopting the experience of colleagues from clinics in Israel, Germany and other countries. The hospital is considered the flagship of the Korean healthcare industry. This medical center has won many national awards, some associated with a high level of quality of patient care.

The center conducts about 48,000 operations every year. The main goal of the center’s employees is to be a leader in the field of innovative research to improve the quality of human life. This clinic is considered the largest medical center in South Korea.

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