Treatment in Sweden - a modern approach (part 2)
Diagnostics in Sweden As you know, the speed of recovery and its process very much depends on the correct and timely diagnosis of the disease. It is not difficult for…

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Fake personal medical book (part 2)
Medical Book Protection For the manufacture of medical books, forms are used, which are official documents. After issuing to a person, a medical book is registered in the unified electronic…

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Personal medical book (part 3)
In accordance with Article 55 of the Law No. 52-FZ for violation of sanitary legislation, disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability is established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian…

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Treatment in Sweden – a modern approach (part 3)

What diseases are successfully treated in Sweden
Sweden is a fairly developed country, and its medicine does not stop improving.

Swedish medicine has achieved particular success in the following areas:

treatment in Sweden; Pediatric neurosurgery, including treatment of brain tumors and other cancers in children;
Cosmetic facial surgery – here it is considered one of the best in Europe. Here, traces of burns are successfully removed and congenital maxillofacial defects are eliminated;
Installation of cochlear implants, which can improve hearing for those people who are not helped by conventional devices;
Dermatology – treatment in Sweden helps significantly improve the condition of patients with psoriasis (a chronic non-infectious disease, dermatosis that affects mainly the skin), hydradenitis (purulent inflammation of the apocrine sweat glands) and skin lymphomas (a group of tumors that develop primarily or mainly in the skin from T and B lymphocytes);
Neurosurgery – Swedish doctors use the gamma knife method to perform high-precision operations, avoiding numerous complications after interventions.
In clinics in Sweden, endoprosthetics of any joints are performed. So, for example, hip prosthetics, thanks to the use of special polymer mastic, allows you to stand on your feet and begin to walk within 24 hours after the operation. And the hospital stay of such a patient is limited to 5 days, of which 4 days is a course of adaptation.

Radioiodine therapy is used to treat toxic goiter, which is not amenable to drug therapy, as well as to remove thyroid cancer and treat oncology abroad.

Leading clinics in Sweden
Treatment in Swedish medical institutions is distinguished by the well-established work of the staff, comfortable living conditions and extremely modern equipment.

Among the leading clinics in Sweden are the following:

Carolina Hospital in Stockholm – occupies a leading position in medical research and competency;
Salgren University Clinic – serves as a district hospital for residents of the Gothenburg region, but has experience in treating patients from all over Sweden;
Sophiahemmet Clinic – IVF clinic, has been working with research and treatment of infertility since 1984;
Uppsala University Hospital – provides specialized and highly specialized care at local, regional, national and international levels.

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