Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) (part3)
Law on the protection of the rights of patients and the rights of foreign patients The Israeli Medical Tourism Association is based in its activities on the Patient Rights Protection…

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5 rules for refunding treatment in Russia. Is it possible to compensate money for treatment abroad? (part 2)
Reimbursement of medicines is possible provided that: own funds were used to pay for medications for own treatment or for the treatment of close relatives prescribed by a doctor, while…

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Diagnosis of cervical cancer
Liquid cytology allows you to assess the presence of viruses (HPV, herpes and other bacteria) in the smear, the severity of the inflammatory reaction, to assess the presence of clinically…

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Personal medical book (part 1)

What is a personal medical book and why is it needed?
Personal Medical Book (LMK) is an official document of strict reporting, which should be available to everyone who, by the nature of their activity, has to work in the following areas of activity:
production, storage, transportation and sale of food and drinking water;
sale of industrial goods;communal and consumer services;
parenting and training of children;
transportation of passengers in transport;
employees of beauty salons, hotels, dormitories, swimming pools, water parks, medical and preventive institutions, pharmaceutical plants and factories;
pharmacy workers.
The personal medical record book of the employee reflects all the data on the results of preliminary and periodic medical examinations, as well as certification.

The procedure for issuing a personal medical book, passing hygienic training and medical examinations is regulated by the following regulatory documents:

Federal Law dated 30.03.99 N 52-ФЗ “On the Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population” (hereinafter referred to as the Law dated 30.03.99 N 52-ФЗ);
Federal Law of 02.01.00 N 29-ФЗ “On the Quality and Safety of Food Products”;
Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated 29.06.00 N 229 “On professional hygienic training and certification of officials and employees of organizations”;
Decree of the Government of Moscow dated 28.12.99 N 1228 “On mandatory preventive medical examinations and hygienic certification”;
Order of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare dated 05.20.05 N402 “On the personal medical book and sanitary passport” (hereinafter referred to as order dated 05.20.05 N402);
Instructions on the procedure for issuing and maintaining a personal medical book and a sanitary passport for specially designed or specially equipped vehicles for the transport of food products (letter of the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated 05.17.00 N 11-7 / 101-09).
The list of professions and works where preliminary and periodic medical examinations, hygienic training and certification of employees are required is defined in the letter of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated 07.08.00 N 1100 / 2196-0-117.

The data of medical examinations in the LMK are entered by a specialized medical institution, affixing a standard stamp. The stamp must contain the name of the medical institution, type, date, registration number and the result of the study, which are certified by the signature of the person responsible for the examinations.

The list and frequency of passing mandatory pre-employment and periodic medical examinations for nonresidents has no particularities.

The list and frequency of passing medical examinations for foreign citizens – workers of decreed professions does not change. However, it is necessary to clarify that in accordance with Art. 10 of the Law of the Russian Federation dated 30.03.95 N 38 “On preventing the spread of the disease in the Russian Federation caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)”, foreign citizens must be aware that they do not have HIV infection when they are employed. These data are subject to entry in the LMK (for those who are required to have it by the nature of their activities). The survey is carried out once, upon entering the country. If HIV-infected foreigners are identified, they are subject to deportation from the country by the Federal Migration Service.

When changing the place of work and type of activity, it is necessary to enter information about the new place and position on the corresponding page of LMK (page 4 – “Notes on the transition to work in other organizations”). The data is entered by an employee of the personnel department and certified with the seal of the organization.

LMK should be kept by the employer and handed out for medical examinations and professional hygiene training. Employees who trade in tents, pavilions (remote trade) must have LMK on hand.

For the period of registration of the Personal Medical Book and waiting for the readiness of the results of the examinations, a temporary certificate of the established form is issued, confirming that you underwent a medical examination to complete the LMC.

In accordance with the Law of March 30, 1999 N 52-FZ, employers, both legal entities and individuals registered as individual entrepreneurs, are required to provide the conditions necessary for timely medical examinations by their employees, including their payment, the presence of officially issued sanitary rules at the enterprise, as well as hygienic training for employees.

An employee, taking a job, draws up a medical book at his own expense. However, the employer may provide for compensation of expenses to the employee for the issued medical book. Medical examinations (examinations) of already working employees are carried out on a paid basis and are carried out at the expense of the employer (Articles 212, 213, 266 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

If the organization deals with a licensed and accredited healthcare institution when issuing medical books for its employees, all the costs associated with paying for medical examinations of employees, as well as hygiene…

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