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Learn more about diagnostic and treatment options in Turkish clinics (part 3)

Surgery is one of the most successful and popular areas of Turkish medicine. Turkish surgeons have cutting-edge surgical equipment; the latest generation of robotic surgical systems (the famous Da Vinci robot) are available in several clinics. Such systems provide increased manipulation accuracy, literally up to fractions of a millimeter, and allow surgical treatment in the most anatomically difficult places with abundant innervation and blood supply with minimal operational risks.

Much attention is paid to postoperative rehabilitation, consolidation of the achieved result, stabilization of the patient’s condition, restoration of health. The rehabilitation program is selected strictly individually for each patient and includes the most effective healing and restorative procedures, physiotherapy exercises, special nutrition, vitamin therapy, massages, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, classes on special devices.

Thanks to the success of Turkish oncology, cancer treatment in Turkey is gaining popularity. Early diagnosis, cutting-edge surgery, radiation and chemotherapy according to modern protocols – all this is received by patients in Turkish oncology centers. Radiosurgery is used in the two most effective options, KiberKnife and True Beam. These methods allow you to remove the most complex tumors (tumors of the brain, spine, abdominal, etc.) without the use of surgery.

Prices for treatment in clinics in Turkey
Reasonable prices in Turkish hospitals are an important component of the success of this country as one of the leaders in medical tourism. In general, prices are comparable to prices for treatment in Israel, they are significantly lower than prices for the same medical services in Europe and, especially, in the USA.

For example, a specialist consultation in Turkey will cost $ 120-130, and in Germany € 300-500.

For a general idea of ​​prices in Turkish clinics, we give a few examples:

Chemotherapy – from $ 3000;
Radiotherapy – from $ 625;
Mastectomy – from $ 1650;
TrueBeam – from $ 10,450;
CyberKnife (KiberKnife) – from $ 6570;
Radical prostatectomy – from $ 6200.
To date, only the cost of cancer treatment in Israel in terms of price and quality can be comparable to the cost of a similar treatment in Turkey.

If you need to know exactly what price the treatment will cost in one of the best Turkish clinics, fill out the contact form on the website, making sure that the current contacts are indicated without errors. When a medical representative contacts you, describe your problem to him, send copies of existing medical documents to the email address indicated by him. After that, you will be offered a free online consultation with a doctor specializing in the treatment of this disease. As a result of the consultation, a preliminary plan of follow-up and treatment will be drawn up, and treatment programs will be provided to you in the best Turkish clinics with an indication of the cost.

Any additional information regarding treatment in Turkey will be provided by a medical representative. He will help in the organization of treatment.
Rating of the best clinics in Turkey
The rating of the clinics is based on the availability of international accreditation, the availability of modern equipment, as well as the reviews of patients who underwent treatment in Turkey.

Anadolu Clinic (Istanbul).
University Hospital Medipol (Istanbul).
Best clinics in TurkeyUeditepe University Clinic (Istanbul).
Acibadem Clinic Network
Network of clinics Medical Park.
LIV Hospital Medical Center (Istanbul).
Network of clinics Memorial (Istanbul, Antalya).
Medistate Clinic (Istanbul).
Metabolik Cerrahi Metabolic Surgery Clinic (Istanbul).
Marmara University Hospital (Istanbul).

Patient reviews of Turkish clinics
“For many years he suffered from headaches and could not find the cause. It turned out to be a benign brain tumor. They refused to operate on me at home, they said that it wasn’t life threatening, it wasn’t cancer, and that the surgery was more risky than the tumor itself. But in the end, the headache didn’t go away, I already forgot how to live it when you don’t have a headache. I accidentally came across information that a similar diagnosis was very successfully treated in Turkey. So I got treatment at the Yeditepe clinic. Nobody told me here that the operation is impossible, but operated on “It’s quite successful. I can’t put it in words, how happy I am, the world is completely different for me, now I don’t exist on tablets, but live. Our doctors have something to learn.”

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