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Learn about the possibilities of modern cancer treatment in Germany (part 1)

Oncology has made a huge leap in its development over the past decades, and now cancer is no longer considered an incurable disease – if the disease is detected in a timely manner and treatment is started immediately, it is possible to recover in the vast majority of cases. The only “but” – cancer treatment according to the standards of advanced oncology requires the clinic to be equipped with cutting-edge equipment (diagnostic and therapeutic), as well as highly qualified doctors who are able to carry out such treatment.

cancer treatment in germany
Unfortunately, not all patients have access to advanced medicine in their own country, in this case, treatment abroad becomes an option, for example, cancer treatment in Germany


Why do more than 52,000 patients come to Germany for cancer treatment every year?
How to find out the exact cost of cancer treatment in Germany?
State-of-the-art cancer diagnosis methods in Germany
List of leading cancer centers in Germany
The best oncologists in Germany
Patient reviews for cancer treatment in Germany

Why do more than 52,000 patients come to Germany for cancer treatment every year?
Traditionally, German medicine is considered one of the best in the world. According to the German State Statistics Directorate, every tenth euro spent is used in healthcare, and every year every resident of this country receives more than € 3,500 of medical care (for comparison, in Russia this amount is about € 400). According to statistics, Germany has one of the highest cancer cure rates in the world, comparable to cancer treatment success in Israel and the United States.

In addition to the high education, pedantry and skill of German doctors, this is also explained by the technical side of the matter – German clinics have all the necessary equipment and are constantly updating their technical park. Germany takes an active part in research work, German clinics arrange an exchange of experience with the best cancer centers in the world, accept foreign doctors for training and send them for internships, conduct clinical trials. All innovations are quickly introduced here into everyday practice. Thus, patients in German cancer clinics have the opportunity to receive the most advanced treatment that modern medicine can offer them.

Advanced cancer treatment in Germany

Methods of treatment in modern oncology
The main methods of treating cancer are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. In the treatment in Germany, experimental methods have also been used that have managed to prove their effectiveness, such as photodynamic therapy, gene therapy, high intensity focused ultrasound treatment (HIFU method), laser therapy, biotherapy, etc. Let us dwell on the main ones.

Currently, minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries are the gold standard of surgery – in all cases where indications permit, minimally invasive surgery is preferred. In this case, special equipment is used, the most modern version of which is surgical robotics – the Da Vinci robot. This technique allows you to achieve very high precision manipulations in the operating area, avoiding injuring anatomically important areas – nerve plexuses, large vessels, adjacent organs. Less traumatic provides not only a brilliant result of surgical intervention, but also the absence of complications, including distant ones.

Reconstructive operations are widely used in modern oncological surgery. It is no secret that often cancer, diagnosed late, requires radical surgery, operations can be crippling. This is one of the reasons why many patients in less medically developed countries postpone their visit to the oncologist until the last, thereby, on the contrary, increasing the chance of performing just such an operation. In Germany, this problem has been resolved – if traumatic surgery cannot be avoided, high-quality reconstruction helps to avoid disability in almost 100% of cases.

Irradiation in the treatment of cancer abroad is used very widely, since modern facilities allow, by increasing the accuracy of exposure, to avoid dangerous complications from healthy tissues and the body as a whole. In addition to remote radiation, modern oncology uses brachytherapy (a method in which a micro-source of radiation is implanted in a tumor), as well as stereotactic radiosurgery. The latter method is the replacement of surgery when the tumor is removed by high-dose exposure. Steretactic radiosurgery is used in Germany in all versions – Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, TruBim.

Chemotherapy – uses the most advanced protocols, which include the most effective drugs with a high safety profile. The selection of cytostatics is carried out according to the results of determining the sensitivity of the tumor to them, which avoids the use of unnecessary drugs.

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