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Learn about the possibilities of modern cancer treatment in Germany (part 2)

Much attention is paid to the psychological state of the patient, his comfort, tolerance of treatment. Symptomatic therapy, which is carried out simultaneously with the main treatment at each stage, makes the patient’s condition acceptable, eliminating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy (for example, nausea and vomiting), pain, sleep disorders, etc.

How to find out the exact cost of cancer treatment in Germany?
Cancer is a very variable disease, the volume of its treatment can fluctuate over a very wide range, so you can talk about the cost not only in the context of a particular disease, but also for a particular patient. Prices for cancer treatment in Germany will depend on the type of cancer, its stage, the need for additional examination, the general health status of the patient, the type and amount of treatment, the length of stay in the clinic and rehabilitation. In general, we can only say that it is usually slightly higher or equal to the cost of cancer treatment in Israel of the same volume, and lower than the cost of a similar course in the United States.

cancer treatment cost in Germany

To find out exactly how much cancer treatment for a particular patient will cost, you must do the following:

Fill out the contact form, indicating the actual contacts to contact you.
Wait for the call (or letter, if you chose this type of communication) of the medical coordinator, describe to him the existing problem.
Send medical documents to the email address provided by the coordinator.
Conduct a preliminary consultation with a doctor who specializes in this disease (payment is not required).
After that, you will be sent treatment programs for German cancer centers, calculated on the available evidence, indicating the cost of the course. You will only have to choose what will best suit your requirements. Detailed information on further steps will be provided by the medical coordinator.

For informational purposes, we give approximate prices for some medical procedures:

PSA blood test (prostate cancer tumor marker) – $ 150 -350
Biopsy – $ 40-4850
CT of the large intestine – $ 1070-1200
Mastectomy – $ 1600-17000
CyberKnife – $ 6000-18000
Gamma Knife – $ 6000-25000
Trubim – $ 10000-23000
HIFU Therapy – $ 9500-22000

State-of-the-art cancer diagnosis methods in Germany
An important component of the success of German oncology is the timely diagnosis of malignant tumors, which provides the highest chance of success. The problem of cancer is not its incurability, but that it is often diagnosed too late, when the disorders that occur in the body are so deep that they cannot be eliminated. This is facilitated by the long asymptomatic course of the tumor process. The first obvious signs of the disease, as a rule, speak of advanced, and sometimes late stage cancer. In this light, the call of Western doctors to take care of their health and regularly undergo preventive examinations becomes clear.

A preventive examination using modern diagnostic methods allows you to detect a tumor at a preclinical, i.e. asymptomatic, stage when the treatment can be most effective. It is necessary to show oncological alertness, especially to patients at risk for a particular type of tumor. Given that cancer has an age dependence, annual preventive examinations are recommended for all people over 45 years of age. Preventive inspection (Check Up) takes very little time, from three hours to several days, but its benefits are undeniable. Only this approach can provide early detection of cancer, all other cases are random findings during the diagnosis for another reason.

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