Treatment in Finland - reliability and effectiveness
Finnish medicine Finnish medicine Finland is considered one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. This Scandinavian country, constantly appearing in first place in various world lists of the most…

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Early hearing screening as part of prevention of speech impairment (part 2)
This is the so-called Principle 1-3-6, according to which: Auditory screening is carried out for all children, optimally until they are discharged from the hospital, maximum - until they reach…

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Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) (part2)
Goals and objectives of the Israeli Medical Tourism Association The objectives of IMTA are: Providing patients who come for treatment to Israel from abroad with complete and reliable information about…

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Learn about the possibilities of modern cancer treatment in Germany (part 3)

The following methods are used for screening (early detection) of cancer:

Blood tests for tumor markers;
X-ray diffraction in different versions (irrigoscopy, etc.);
Mammography, thermomammography;
Endoscopic methods (sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, FGDS);
PAP test; other.
If the assumption of the presence of a tumor is confirmed, an accurate diagnosis is performed, which may include:CT (computed tomography);
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging);
PET (positron emission tomography);
Endoscopic diagnosis;
Biopsy followed by histological analysis of a tissue sample;
An extensive laboratory study (blood, urine, feces, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.).
After establishing a diagnosis and determining the general state of health of the patient, the presence of concomitant diseases, an individual treatment plan is drawn up. Accurate diagnostic methods are also used to monitor the course of treatment and make timely adjustments.

List of leading cancer centers in Germany
In Germany, there are more than 40 clinics that either specialize in the treatment of cancer, or have an oncology center that provides cancer care in accordance with international standards.

Here are the clinics that are most popular with medical tourists:

Asklepios Clinics, University of Hamburg;
Network of Nordic Clinics Alliance in Bremen;
Academic Clinic Solingen;
Charite Clinic in Germany; Nordwest Clinic in Frankfurt;
University Hospital Freiburg;
Charite Clinic in Berlin;
Helios Clinic in Berlin and other clinics of the Helios Hospital Group network;
Havelhee Hospital Complex in Berlin;
Karl Gustav Carus University Hospital in Dresden;
University Hospital Dusseldorf;
University Hospital Aachen;
Heidelberg University Hospital;
Rechts der Isar Clinic in Munich;
University Hospital Erlangen;
University Hospital of Magdeburg;
Dortmund Prostate Center;
Clinic St. Marienstift in Magdeburg;
Pfeiffer Hospital in Magdeburg et al.

The best oncologists in Germany
Ralph Bull, professor, neuro-oncologist (Solingen Clinic);
Friedelmann Schad, oncologist (Havelhehe hospital complex);
Christian Grach, oncopulmonologist (Havelhee hospital complex);
Sebastian Hensch, Oncogynecologist (Solingen Clinic);
Boris Pfaffenbach, Professor, Oncogastroenterologist (Solingen Clinic);
Sasha Floe, professor, oncologist, orthopedist (Solingen Clinic);
Heinrich Becker, Professor, Oncopulmonologist (Asklepios Clinic, University of Hamburg);
Andreas Zesterhenn, Professor, Specialist in Larynx and Thyroid Cancer (Solingen Clinic);
Michael Unch, professor, gynecological oncologist (Helios clinic); and etc.

Patient reviews for cancer treatment in Germany
Successful cancer treatment in Germany “I want to thank Dr. Andreas Zesterhenn from the Oncology Center of the Solingen Clinic. Perhaps this is the only person in the world who could cope with the most serious disease – stage 2 laryngeal cancer. My father, Ilyin Oleg Petrovich, was lucky to get to this doctor. Maximum attention but the most important thing is the treatment that worked. But they said that there were almost no chances. An excellent doctor, I recommend! ”

Ilyin E.O., Tolyatti, Russia

Effective cancer treatment in Germany “I was treated in Germany in 2017. I hesitated a long time what to choose – clinics in Israel or Germany, there were pros and cons here and there, but stopped in Germany, and everything went fine. Treatment of cervical cancer took place in a hospital Nordwest, in Frankfurt, on the advice of acquaintances who had been treated there before, especially since the cost of treating cancer in Germany is not too different from the Israeli one, and the reviews about cancer treatment in Germany are mostly positive, accidentally came to Dr. Jörg Engel, and I think that Pts I’m lucky. The stage was already large, so I had to undergo radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. It was hard, everything happened. But hope did not leave me for a minute, thanks to the support of my family and the entire staff of the hospital. Now I’m in remission, everything went well. I hope I passed this test and it won’t happen again. Thanks again to Dr. Engel and everyone who helped me during this difficult time. ”

Emma M., Riga, Latvia

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Learn about the possibilities of modern cancer treatment in Germany (part 3)
The following methods are used for screening (early detection) of cancer: Blood tests for tumor markers; Ultrasound X-ray diffraction in different versions (irrigoscopy, etc.); Mammography, thermomammography; Endoscopic methods (sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy,…


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