Treatment in Sweden - a modern approach (part 4)
Leading specialists from Sweden In Sweden you can find a huge number of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience and knowledge of their field, regularly exchanging experience with…

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5 rules for refunding treatment in Russia. Is it possible to compensate money for treatment abroad? (part 2)
Reimbursement of medicines is possible provided that: own funds were used to pay for medications for own treatment or for the treatment of close relatives prescribed by a doctor, while…

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Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) (part3)
Law on the protection of the rights of patients and the rights of foreign patients The Israeli Medical Tourism Association is based in its activities on the Patient Rights Protection…

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diagnostic center

Treatment in France – best practices and reasonable prices (part 3)

French specialists
In France, you can find many experts known far beyond Europe.

Among the leading doctors of France:

Michel Oden is a well-known obstetrician, publicist and researcher of natural and water births. Auden has developed a conception preparation program (“accordion method”) that helps minimize the content of fat-soluble toxic chemicals; Continue reading

Leading clinics in South Korea. Cost of treatment and patient reviews (part 4)

Clinic Severance
One of the very first clinics in South Korea. The center has existed since 1885. During this time, the center’s doctors were able to significantly improve the treatment of various diseases. With more than 120 years of experience, the specialists of the center solve any medical problems of their patients.

The center is proud to have made a great contribution to improving the health of the Korean people. In addition, it seeks to modernize equipment by improving it, rather than buying new equipment. Continue reading

Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 2)

How can a foreign patient go to Belarus for treatment
Treatment in Belarus for foreigners can be organized in two ways:

take the help of specialized medical centers and agencies.
Medical tourism agencies take care of all issues related to the organization of treatment abroad, saving the patient from unnecessary trouble and giving him the opportunity to prepare well for a responsible trip. Continue reading

General practitioner
TeDostor therapist is a doctor with knowledge in all medical fields. You feel bad, but you don’t know what the reason is, you need a therapist. Often, the patient, turning…


Get a modern and effective treatment in Belarus (part 1)
Medical tourism in Belarus is becoming more popular with foreign patients every year. The medicine of this country attracts with affordable prices, highly qualified medical care, effective rehabilitation programs, and…


Running is a bit of happiness
Do you exercise? Not? But in vain! After all, they make you healthy, vigorous and cheerful. Do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Endurance exercises, such…


Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) (part2)
Goals and objectives of the Israeli Medical Tourism Association The objectives of IMTA are: Providing patients who come for treatment to Israel from abroad with complete and reliable information about…